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Ford C-Max

Ford C-Max

Ford C-Max is the popular American alternative for drivers looking to reap the benefits of hybrid driving. Not only can the five-door hatchback be driven as a traditional hybrid vehicle, but the plug-in Ford C-Max Energi provides one of the most practical and fuel efficient automotive experiences available to tri-state drivers today. With either selection, the future of fuel economy is a present day reality. Say good-bye to gas station lines and hello to me-time with the innovative line of Ford C-Max Hybrids available locally at Mike Castrucci of Alexandria.

2018 Ford C-Max
2017 Ford C-Max Energi
2014 Ford C-Max

Ford EcoSport

The EcoSport is an all-new compact crossover SUV built for all the variety in modern living. It provides the kind of fuel efficiency and reliability needed as a daily driver while offering up plentiful cargo space for anyone who considers themselves a weekend warrior, all in one stylish and fun design.

2018 Ford EcoSport
Ford Edge

Ford Edge

Ford Edge and the SUV’s EcoBoost engine option are a perfect pairing. Visually, the large grille and broad shoulders of the Ford Edge communicate a commanding sense of power—an impression that the EcoBoost engine under hood thoroughly lives up to. Piloted by Ford’s powerful and fuel efficient engine technology, families are privy to a stylish SUV with a combination of horsepower, torque, and highway mpgs that few other crossovers can call their own. In this way, there’s no doubt that Ford holds an edge in the SUV category.

2018 Ford Edge
2017 Ford Edge
2014 Ford Edge
Ford Escape

Ford Escape

Life with the Ford Escape and be accurately described as a life of ease. Not only is the value-priced crossover easy on the pocketbook, but the well-designed SUV is easy on the eyes and easy on its fuel consumption as well. An available foot-activated liftgate offers hands-free access to the Escape’s cargo area, and the all of the technology worked into the dashboard makes life on go easier than it ever before. Escape the cycle of boring SUV ownership with the envelope-pushing Ford Escape at Mike Castrucci of Alexandria.

2018 Ford Escape
2017 Ford Escape
2015 Ford Escape
2014 Ford Escape
2013 Ford Escape
Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer

Even since the vehicle’s introduction in 1990, the Ford Explorer has been synonymous with adventure and utility. Taking drivers wherever they may want to go, the four-wheel drive capabilities of the Ford Explorer allow the SUV to overcome all manner of difficult terrain—from mud and sand to slippery snow. Ford Explorer is also incredibly capable as far as towing capacity is concerned, so tri-state drivers looking to haul recreational equipment outside the city limits are always prepared for a good time. Explore your next Ford at Mike Castrucci of Alexandria today.

2018 Ford Explorer
2017 Ford Explorer
2015 Ford Explorer
2014 Ford Explorer
Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition

As far as Ford SUVs are concerned, the Expedition stands tall as king of the mountain. Expedition represents Ford’s full-size package for performance and utility, and drivers have been putting the vehicle to the test since the mid-1990s. With a standard V8 that brings a substantial amount of torque to the party, Expedition has passed those tests with a towing capacity that accommodates boats, campers, and almost anything else one might need for a relaxing weekend. One of the category’s most comfortable interiors surely adds to that relaxation as well.

2018 Ford Expedition
2017 Ford Expedition
2015 Ford Expedition
2014 Ford Expedition
Ford F-150

Ford F-150

Ford F-150 has shouldered a burden of enormous expectations for more than 30 years. More workers depend on Ford F-150 to get the job done than any other pickup. Of course, great responsibility and great power will always be tied together, and the suite of engine options at F-150’s disposal represents some of greatest power currently available among light-duty pickups. With V8 and EcoBoost power to burden all of the payload and towing poundage you can throw its way, Ford F-150 is poised to remain America’s best-selling truck for another year.

2018 Ford F-150
2017 Ford F-150
2015 Ford F-150
2014 Ford F-150
2013 Ford F-150
Ford F-250 Super Duty

Ford F-250 Super Duty

As drivers expand their personal and industrial pursuits, Ford performance grows right along with them. In addition to a flex-fuel V8, Ford Super Duty can be optioned with a 6.7L Power Stroke® Diesel capable of a delivering substantial low-end torque. Each of Ford’s Super Duty pickups go through extensive durability testing, so drivers commanding the power of either engine can expect top-level performance year after year. If this is your year to lock down Super Duty performance, find an impressive selection of Ford trucks at Mike Castrucci of Alexandria.

2018 Ford F-250 Super Duty
2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty
2015 Ford F-250 Super Duty
2014 Ford F-250 Super Duty
Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta

The availability of attitude in the subcompact category was long overdue. That’s why the Fiesta Movement has gained so much momentum across the country. With an aggressive design that separates itself from other econo-sized hatchbacks and sedans, the Ford Fiesta delivers the best of subcompact performance with an attitude all its own. While this may start with the car’s 10 unique paint color selections, the same sense of party-inspired pep is carried all throughout the Ford Fiesta. Join the Fiesta Movement today by visiting Mike Castrucci of Alexandria.

2018 Ford Fiesta
2017 Ford Fiesta
2015 Ford Fiesta
2014 Ford Fiesta
Ford Flex

Ford Flex

In many ways, Ford Flex is an automotive inspiration. Not only is it reassuring to see a vehicle that breaks the mold of a traditional family carrier, but it’s encouraging to see one of America’s top auto manufacturers behind the design. For families that decide to break that mold for their next vehicle choice, this means that the uniquely styled Ford Flex they’re driving will also be filled with some of the day’s most innovative vehicle technology as well. That’s more than enough reason to flex your good taste at Mike Castrucci of Alexandria.

2018 Ford Flex
2017 Ford Flex
2014 Ford Flex
Ford Focus

Ford Focus

Focus and concentration are synonymous terms. This is why drivers should not be surprised to find a concentration of performance features packed into the compact frame of the Ford Focus. It is said that not all Ford Focus drivers begin their ownership experience as a driving enthusiasts—but that term certainly identifies them by the end of their tenure. In addition to the car’s powerful engine selections, Ford Focus is designed with smart drivetrain components that create one of the most dynamic and responsive driving experiences in its class.

2018 Ford Focus
2017 Ford Focus
2014 Ford Focus
2013 Ford Focus
Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion is one of the Blue Oval’s most popular cars. Sculpted lines flow up the fascia and over the hood to create one of the most striking designs in the Ford lineup. The Fusion has more than enough substance to match its impressive style, however. Ford Fusion can be fitted with an EcoBoost engine for incredibly competitive fuel economy returns, though the vehicle line also includes hybrid and plug-in versions of the popular sedan. This allows drivers to pick their powertrain when shopping for the Fusion in the tri-state area.

2018 Ford Fusion
2017 Ford Fusion
2015 Ford Fusion
2014 Ford Fusion
Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang

The car that needs no introduction has been the most sought-after Ford model of the last 50 years. Symbolized by the iconic logo of an equine racing to the right, Ford Mustang has represented the upper echelon of American ingenuity since the 1960s. With a selection of new models available for local drivers, Mike Castrucci of Alexandria is proud to make the Mustang legacy accessible in the tri-state area. Whether you’re looking for an everyday V6 driver or a V8-powered track master, look no further than the Castrucci outpost near Cincinnati.

2018 Ford Mustang
2017 Ford Mustang
2015 Ford Mustang
2014 Ford Mustang
Ford Taurus

Ford Taurus

We don’t know when you would need to haul 10 full-size golf bags, but the Ford Taurus trunk can comfortably accommodate all of those drivers, irons, and putters. Taurus is the full-size sedan offering in Ford’s lineup, and the car lives up to its billing from tip to tail. The visual character of the Taurus is initially seen in the car’s large-mouth grille, and that same quality carries through to the backend’s high-quality LED taillamps. Look to Taurus for the full-size Ford experience at Mike Castrucci of Alexandria.

2018 Ford Taurus
2017 Ford Taurus
2015 Ford Taurus
2014 Ford Taurus
Ford Transit Connect

Ford Transit Connect

Perhaps there is no more aptly named vehicle in the Ford lineup than the Transit Connect. Available as either a seven-passenger people mover or a cavernous cargo van, Ford’s multi-purpose utility vehicle has certainly been designed for diverse transit. The vehicle is also one of the most connected in its category. Available with the SYNC® and MyFord Touch® infotainment system, Transit Connect allows hands-free calling, Internet radio streaming, dual USB-Bluetooth device integration, and more. Discover the future of transit and connectivity at Mike Castrucci of Alexandria today.

2014 Ford Transit Connect
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