2017 Ford Mustang vs 2017 Chevy Camaro

When it comes to iconic muscle cars, there is no vehicle on the market that even comes close to comparing to the Ford Mustang pony car. This vehicle has been in constant production for more than 50 years now, and like a fine wine it continues to get better with age. There is simply nothing that compares to the legendary style and rumble of the Ford Mustang. Ford recently completely revamped the Mustang for its 50th anniversary. As a result, most people expected the new 2017 model year to be nothing more than a carry over. However, that is simply not the case. Ford has introduced some exciting new changes that year that have muscle car enthusiasts all across America amped up.

There are very few vehicles on the market that can rival the legendary stature of the Mustang. However, one that can is Chevy’s Camaro model. The Chevy Camaro has been on the market since 1967 and is equally as iconic. Therefore, we have decided to match up the new 2017 Ford Mustang vs 2017 Chevy Camaro to figure out which vehicle is better in this new model year. Continue reading to learn more about this story.

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2017 Ford Mustang vs 2017 Chevy Camaro
300 @ 6500 RPM Horsepower 275 @ 5600 RPM
28 MPG HWY Fuel Economy 30 MPG
3.7L V6 Engine 2.0L I-4
4 Passenger Capacity 4

2017 Ford Mustang: Iconic and Legendary

One thing that the Ford Mustang has always been known for is performance, and this new 2017 model is certainly no exception to that. The standard engine option on the 2017 Ford Mustang is able to produce an incredible 300 horsepower. The 2017 Chevy Camaro can not even come close to matching those numbers. The 2017 Chevy Camaro is only able to make 275 horsepower with its 2.0L I-4 engine. Therefore, muscle car enthusiasts looking for maximum performance will want to strongly consider the new 2017 Ford Mustang.

In addition to that, the new 2017 Ford Mustang is able to outclass the 2017 Chevy Camaro with its overall styling. The styling of the new 2017 Ford Mustang is completely modern and bold. However, it’s also distinctively a Ford Mustang and pays homage to past versions of the car with its distinct design cues. Anyone interested in learning more about the new 2017 Ford Mustang is invited to stop in and see us here at Mike Castrucci Ford. We would be happy to set you up with a test drive and answer any questions that you have.

Interior on the 2017 Ford Mustang
Exterior of the 2017 Ford Mustang
Rear of the 2017 Ford Mustang
Door on the 2017 Ford Mustang

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