Make ‘The Switch’ During the Mike Castrucci Winter Blowout

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Making “The Switch” is more affordable than ever with the Mike Castrucci Winter Blowout Sale at Castrucci of Alexandria.

Mike Castrucci Winter Blowout

A quick survey of tri-state drivers would likely reveal that winter has worn out its welcome. Almost everyone would gladly exchange subzero wind chills for the joy of a river valley summer, but they say that patience makes us grow in virtue.

Mike Castrucci of Alexandria unfortunately cannot speed the waning days of winter, but the northern Kentucky dealer does have a plan to brighten the spirits of Cincinnati-area Ford drivers. Going on now, the Mike Castrucci Winter Blowout Sale features some of Ford’s most popular models at prices so low you’d think we’re feeling feverish.

Only at the Mike Castrucci Winter Blowout can tri-state drivers find great deals on 2014 models of the Ford Focus, Fusion, and Escape. Not only does each of these 2014-model Fords qualify for zero percent financing for up to 60 months, but thousands of dollars in discounts make Castrucci’s already attractive pricing almost irresistible.

The 2014 Focus is Ford’s compact car that is making a strong impression among performance and fuel-efficiency lovers alike. With 160 horsepower that is staunch for its size, the 2014 Ford Focus returns 36 highway mpg as it’s standardly configured and can earn up to 40 mpg when packaged properly.


Few cars on the road today are as visually striking as the powerful, fuel-efficient 2014 Ford Fusion.

The 2014 Ford Fusion is a similar mix of power and economy. The true hallmark of the Fusion, however, is the sedan’s versatile suite of engines that cater to the needs of Cincinnati-area drivers. The 2014 Ford Fusion can be equipped with three different EcoBoost engines, a hybrid drivetrain, or a plug-in electric configuration that affords the gasoline equivalent of 108 mpg.

The 2014 Ford Escape is the ideal SUV for drivers that want classic utility wrapped in a package sure to turn heads on the highway. The Escape can tow, store cargo, and gain over 30 highway mpg all while looking the part of a crossover a few years ahead of its time.

For more information on the Mike Castrucci Winter Blowout, contact Castrucci of Alexandria. Feel free to browse our selection of 2014 Ford Focus, Fusion, and Escape, or visit in-person during our extended hours.

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