LINCOLN Wins Vehicle Satisfaction Award for 2014

By blogsadmin | Posted in Lincoln MKS, Lincoln MKZ on Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 at 4:13 pm

The LINCOLN MKZ Hybrid is the most satisfying vehicle of its type according to an Auto Pacific survey.

LINCOLN Vehicle Satisfaction

Regardless of how many awards an actor may collect over the course of a career, honors accompanied by the term “Viewers’ Choice” are often considered the most satisfying accomplishments. After all, the artistic expression inherent to an acting performance is intended to evoke a genuine response from any onlooking audience observer.


The 2014 MKS gravitates to the natural spotlight, a glow that is likely to be even brighter next year when the 2015 MKC contributes to the LINCOLN vehicle satisfaction measure.

In the same way that films are produced to communicate a meaningful message, automobiles are designed to provide an enjoyable experience for drivers and their passengers. And just as the world of cinema has a fair mix of industry and viewers’ choice awards, the automotive realm maintains a similar mix as well. In fact, the Vehicle Satisfaction Awards courtesy of AutoPacific are much akin to a film actor’s viewers’ choice award. AutoPacific surveys real drivers and uses their own satisfaction levels to evaluate the quality of the vehicle they drive. Noteworthy for Mike Castrucci of Alexandria customers are the LINCOLN vehicle satisfaction scores, as the automaker was recognized as the top-performing premium brand for 2014.

Leading the way for LINCOLN vehicle satisfaction was a trio of cars that topped each of their AutoPacific award categories. The LINCOLN MKS, MKZ, and MKZ Hybrid proved to provide high levels of driver satisfaction by garnering top scores in the AutoPacific survey. This survey includes 50 separate satisfaction queries that touch on everything from fuel economy to performance, convenience, and interior comfort.

While the 2014 models that earned a Vehicle Satisfaction Award have make a significant statement about the current quality of LINCOLN’s lineup, the future will be even brighter now that the 2015 MKC has hit the scene. With the automaker’s innovative new crossover joining in for next year’s AutoPacific survey, Mike Castrucci of Alexandria expects the LINCOLN vehicle satisfaction scores to once again earn the automaker recognition as the most satisfying premium vehicle brand. Click below to view the current lineup of driver-preferred LINCOLN models at Mike Castrucci of Alexandria.


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