Castrucci of Alexandria Honored with Ford President’s Award

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Here’s to many more Ford President’s Awards to share with out tri-state friends and neighbors.

Ford President’s Award

Cars are great, but people are better. As a recipient of the Ford President’s Award for 2013, Mike Castrucci of Alexandria has many to thank, including the great people that we’ve had the privilege to work with last year and each year before.

The Ford President’s Award is a selective honor presented to dealerships across the country that consistently exceed customer expectations. Of course, Ford would have no way of knowing how committed dealerships were to serving their customers if folks weren’t vocal about the help they’ve received. And that’s exactly why the collective “thank you” from the Mike Castrucci of Alexandria staff is directed to each of the tri-state drivers that have made our job a joy to wake up to.


As long as drivers keep dropping in at Mike Castrucci of Alexandria, we will keep striving to exceed their expectations with each and every visit.

Ford created the President’s Award in 1998 to recognize dealers going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Ford has gone on record, saying “The pursuit of excellence requires passion, tenacity, and hard work. The award salutes those top-performing Ford and Lincoln dealerships that embrace these philosophies.”

With a selection of vehicles built to the quality standards of Ford and Lincoln, the proposition of hard work is made considerably easier. Not only is it worthwhile to see our tri-state friends and neighbors begin to tell their own stories through new Ford and Lincoln vehicles, but to be a helping hand when unexpected service is required is equally rewarding as well.

If we’ve had the pleasure of working with you this past year, we invite you join the swell of social activity that has propelled Castrucci of Alexandria to a Ford President’s Award. Our dealership Facebook page is always updated with the latest news from Ford and Lincoln; you can also leave a sales or service review on If you have any friends that are interested in what Mike Castrucci of Alexandria is all about, that would be a great link to send them.

Once again, with all sincerity, great thanks from everyone at Mike Castrucci of Alexandria to all of the supportive tri-state Ford and Lincoln drivers. With the 2013 Ford President’s Award engraved with the Castrucci of Alexandria name, here’s to many more years of the same.

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