Cincinnati Shock and Strut Replacement Leads Fight Against Potholes

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Potholes can’t be permanently filled until the weather gets warmer. Be proactive with a Cincinnati shock and strut replacement.

Cincinnati Shock and Strut Replacement

According to news reports, crews in Cincinnati have filled up to 40,000 potholes in select years. After the Polar Vortex winter of 2014, that number is expected to be significantly higher heading into the spring.


Seen here is a heavy-duty shock for the Ford SVT Lightning pickup.

Potholes are formed when precipitation infiltrates old pavement that has been cracked by a combination of heavy travel and the hot Cincinnati sun. As water makes its way through the cracks and into the underlying gravel and sand that support our roads, cold temperatures cause the water to expand and push any supportive material to the side. This lack of below-ground support is what causes the concrete to fall inward when a pothole is born.

Drivers who have been forced to travel roads with unavoidable potholes are no strangers to the jarring discomfort experienced when an even path is interrupted. It does not take much to imagine that pothole disturbances are not necessarily great for your car as well. Due to the damages seen in a heavily potholed area like ours, Mike Castrucci of Alexandria is glad to offer Cincinnati shock and strut replacements for our tri-state neighbors.

Shocks and struts are designed to take kinetic energy from a vehicle’s suspension and convert it into heat that will be taken care of by hydraulic fluid. While there is likely a semester’s worth of thermodynamics lectures that could go into explaining that further, suffice to say that shocks and struts will eventually wear down and leave the driver to feel all of the suspension movement brought about by potholes, train tracks, and the like. That’s nothing that a Cincinnati shock and strut replacement can’t fix, however.

Tri-state residents suffering from a driving experience that is less than ideal in terms of suspension performance are invited to contact Mike Castrucci of Alexandria. The service team at Castrucci will identify the parts your car needs to reclaim the road and install factory-quality replacements on site. Click to schedule your Cincinnati shock and strut replacement today or call Mike Castrucci of Alexandria for more information.

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