Contest Sees Ford Transit Connect Turned into Mobile Workspace

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The Maker Twins designed this 2014 Ford Transit Connect to be an Urban Photography Response Vehicle.

2014 Ford Transit Connect Cincinnati

Last month the Castrucci of Alexandria blog highlighted the next-generation Transit Connect coming from Ford in 2014. While vehicles reserved primarily for commercial use do not typically leap back on to the blog radar, a recent contest involving the 2014 Ford Transit Connect was simply too interesting not to cover.

Sponsored by Ford and MAKE Magazine, the Ultimate Maker Vehicle Challenge featured teams of “makers” tasked with designing the ultimate customization for the 2014 Ford Transit Connect.

Makers are essentially artists who use almost any available material to create. Makers range from wood workers to metal workers, CNC machinists and everything in between. Often times they specialize in “all the above.”

Shown above is a clip from the Maker Twins, brothers from Arizona who have a long-held a passion for photography and film production. The design they submitted to the Ultimate Maker Vehicle Challenge laid out plans for an Urban Photography Response Vehicle.

Though highly artistic and incredibly interesting, the Maker Twins’ design was not selected as the Ultimate Maker Vehicle Challenge winner. The winning design was submitted by a team from Minnesota. Their vehicle, known as the Hackmobile, transformed the 2014 Ford Transit Connect into a three-tier CNC fabrication machine, the likes of which included a 3D printer. As we mentioned above, the work these makers did in designing custom applications for the 2014 Ford Transit Connect was too cool not to share.

Though most 2014 Ford Transit Connect vans seen in Cincinnati won’t likely be equipped with 3D printing capabilities, Mike Castrucci of Alexandria feels safe going out on a limb and saying the versatile carrier will have no problem handling any commercial or personal task you put in front of it.

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